Sunday, August 13, 2006

Jewett City Gangstas

Hey everyone. Sorry there's been no new drawings lately, I just haven't done anything worth posting... just loose sketches and things lately. Actually, I'm working on a big project which is just in the 'rough draft' stage so far, but once it's done I'm hoping it will be something I can shop around and get published. Again, it's in a very early stage, so don't expect to see anything on it anytime soon. Anyway, so I was walking around my hometown of Jewett City, Connecticut... taking a bunch of photos for reference for this project I'm working on. I used to live in an apartment right up the road from this house... if you see it in person, it just looks like it's falling apart...
There's an air conditioner in the window, so someone MUST live there. Pretty suprising, since it looks like it should get knocked down.
So after I take these photos, this kid who was sitting across the street asks me why I'm taking pictures of the house. My response was just, "Why not?" And then he got wicked pissed. He starts yelling, "That's my father's house, you can't just go around taking pictures of it!!" to which I once again responded, "Why not?" which, of course, just made him more angry. Eventually, he just gave up with a "Whatever, man, you do what you gotta do..." so I thanked him for giving me permission to take photos of the neighborhood.
Now, I'm pretty sure it's not against the law to take pictures of stuff... it's just crazy to me that someone would get that angry over something like that. This kid almost seemed ready to fight me, and I was twice his size! Just over me taking a photo of his house! People are crazy. And Jewett City kids are all tough guys. Hopefully, I'll have some drawings ready soon!


At 2:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! Time to update!

At 8:38 PM, Blogger Brian P. Stone said...

Update is on the way, my latest comic is in the scanning / coloring stage.

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