Sunday, June 11, 2006

A quick doodle

Here's a quick little thing I doodled as part of brainstorming for the aforementioned project I have in the works. When I sit there in front of a blank page, I just get the worst writers block, so I cranked this out to try and get the creative juices flowing. Anyways, halfway thru inking (I was using a brush pen I just bought since it was quicker and easier than using an actual brush and dipping it over and over), the tip of my brush pen 'split' a little and started drawing double lines... bleah. So I tried to trim it down and resharpen it with a razor blade... all I succeeded in doing was lopping off the tip of it, making it even more dull. So the small details in panel two... yeah, that's why they're all mushy. Eh... I should just stick with a real brush and ink. Also, I didn't use a ruler or anything for the panel edges... like I said, just a quick doodle. Enjoy. I'll be posting more animation school stuff real soon.

Oh, and as for the coloring job I mentioned I was going to attempt in my last post? Yeah, as predicted, I butchered it. So... scroll down and just enjoy the black and white one again. Watercolors are hard! I need more practice!


At 1:46 AM, Blogger Matt Loux said...

you can't even tell there was anything wrong with your brush.
I tried a brush pen for the first like, 30 pages of Sidescrollers, but it was super hard to do fine detail, so I went back to my sable. The brush pen i have is still good for travel art. your inking is getting allot better. no joke.
ps. do more comics!!!!

At 4:46 AM, Blogger Brian P. Stone said...

Thanks for the comment... yeah, the brush pen was good for practice, but I guess I can't rely on shortcuts... I'll just stick to the brush. More comics to come!


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