Monday, October 09, 2006

Keeping Busy!!

I know I haven't had a finished comic posted in a while, but I swear I've been keeping busy! To prove it, here's some sketches I've been working on lately. This first one is a panel I did for a comic that's still a 'work in progress'... it really needs to be redrawn, though. The two characters on the left are supposed to be reacting to the drunk cartoon Brian draped over the couch, and they're not even looking at him... also, I drew everything too big... there was supposed to be room for another character standing to the far right...
... like in the rough draft I drew here. In fact, he's supposed to be speaking the comic's punchline, so without him standing there, it kind of defeats the purpose.
I'm choosing to blame how this came out on the fact that I'm drawing on smaller pages now... I got a pad of bristol boards to draw on instead of the Blue Line Pro Comic Boards that I had been using, since I figured they were smaller and would fit in my scanner. No such luck... it turns out the pages are about 1/2 a centimeter bigger than my scanner's surface. Oh well. This next one is a page I did based off some thumbnails I did a couple months ago. I like how it came out, but it's pretty reminiscent of a scene from Scott Pilgrim volume 2...
Once the word bubbles are in and the next page is added to it, it doesn't seem QUITE so similar, but I still can't shake the feeling that I'm a dirty copycat. And here's a bonus drawing... a picture of cartoon me dancing it up that I drew on lined paper on break at work. I can't remember the last time I danced to a song... or went to a show, for that matter.


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