Friday, September 22, 2006

Locked Out

So I spent like three and a half hours locked out of my apartment last night. It was not cool. My key wasn't opening the lock, so I just camped out hoping that someone else would come home eventually and open up for me (I was thinking that maybe it could just be my key). No such luck... when the next tennant showed up, her key didn't work either. Turns out the lock was broken... it was turning, but the dead-bolt wasn't moving. By about 10:30, Every person who lived in the house was home, locked out, waiting on the porch. The landlord (and anyone else who could have come and unlocked the front door) had his cell phone turned off, so not knowing what else to do, someone called the police. The officer didn't show up until after midnight, and since we still couldn't get a hold of the landlord, I loaned the officer my tire iron out of the trunk of my car, we climbed the fire escape, found an unlocked window, and pried it open.

The worst part of all this is sitting in the cold for all that time made me sick again. Oh well. At least I finally got to meet all my neighbors.


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