Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Here I Come, To Save the Day!

Hey everyone, I'm back with more art. Just doing some more practice with the Photoshop Pen tool and some colors, I came up with this over the last couple days. If I have to tell you who this character is, it's going to make me feel totally old... anyways, like the last drawing, this was done totally on Photoshop, with the exception of the initial sketch done in pencil. Definately let me know what you think!

Mighty Mouse

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Trying New Things

Hey, anyone remember forever ago when I posted this drawing?

Brian in Space

I drew this in ballpoint pen during a lunch break a few years ago while I was still working at Target. Well, I just found it floating around my hard drive, and I always kinda liked it, so I went ahead and 'inked' it in Photoshop, using just the pen tool. This was the first time I ever tried doing digital inking, (something I thought you'd need a Wacom tablet to do well) and I'm really pretty pleased with how it came out, especially since it was my first attempt at something like this! Let me know what you think.

Brian in Space