Saturday, November 18, 2006

Help Computer

I always find it a little hard to believe when my computer bogs down and freezes up when I'm trying to do something... I mean, I slapped this thing together to run Doom 3, which is does pretty well, so when I'm sending an error report off to Microsoft because Photoshop froze up when I'm trying to convert a picture from a bitmap to a grayscale, well, it just leaves me a little puzzled (as I'm typing this post, Photoshop has frozen and had to be restarted... 4 times so far). Kinda like when my Playstation 2 doesn't run Mr. Driller.

Anyways, here's a couple pages I just inked the other day... I wasn't able to find a brush I liked at the store, and since I'd been having a lot of trouble with brushes lately, I just went ahead and inked with a brush pen. I think it came out okay, except for the straight lines and stuff in the background (the parallel lines on the door came out particulary mushy)... I may try using a pen for stuff like that and seeing how it comes out. I posted the pencils for the first page a couple posts back, so you can compare and see which is better (I almost always think the pencils look better than the inks). You may also notice that the edges are slightly cut off, too... I need a new scanner, I think... one that's like a centimeter bigger.

This is something else I did this past week. It still needs a bit more pencil work, and I'm definately going to wait until I have a good brush before I touch this one with any ink. It's Cannonball and Sunspot from X-Force, redesigned with more of a modern, 'street' kind of X-Fashion sense. Inks and colors coming soon on all of todays drawings!