Friday, November 23, 2007

Hey, c'mon! C'mon!

In honor of the release of the release of King of Fighters XI on Playstation 2, I drew this bitching picture of Terry Bogard. For some insane reason, Team Fatal Fury will NOT be appearing in KoF XI!! Or at least, not Andy and Joe... the Fatal Fury team this year is the Mark of the Wolves version of Terry, Kim Kap Hwan, and Duck King. DUCK KING!? Who the hell would rather be Duck King than Andy Bogard!? Anyways, I guess KoF isn't so popular in America anymore, so I'm having a super hard time finding a store that stocks it.

Also, just in case anyone cares... Thanksgiving day. 3 meals in 5 hours. And I had seconds and multiple desserts at all three meals. I am also the King of Food! Or King of Fat. You decide.
Terry Bogard