Saturday, July 28, 2007

Found in the trunk of the Eclipse...

Jeez, I guess I should clean out my cars more often...

Sam and Max Hit the Road for PC
School notebooks (I haven't attended college in like 3 years)
George Foreman Grill
Portable DVD Player
My missing copy of Gorrilaz / G-Sides (in the Strong Bad Sings case)
My missing copy of Specials / Today's Specials (in Gorrilaz / Demon Days case)
Plastic Beach Shovel (with sand still in it)
Foam Disc Gun
Pair of Suspenders
Two Commodore 64 cartidges... Pac Man and Magic Desk 1
Brand new box of 2 Pencils
Pencil Sharpener
Nintendo AC Adaptor
Silver Gamecube Controller
Old style Game Boy Advance with Gamecube link cable
Grocery paperwork from Wal Mart
Two Homestar Runner shirts
Pietasters 'More Beer' shirt
Wal Mart Vest
Complete set of Target training materials, Rapid Training Series, folders, and notebooks
Red Target polo shirt
Complete US Coast Guard Dress Uniform, with windbreaker, medals, and rank insignia attached

Amazing stuff.