Sunday, January 25, 2009


Welp, I'm back. Been quite a while since I drew anything, let alone POSTED anything. I spent this last weekend sick as a dog, on the couch with my shiny new Robotech box set I got for Christmas, as well as a pile of other crap I bought with birthday money / Christmas gift cards etc... a new scanner (a Cannon one that works excellent, is half the size of my old one, and who's install software does not say "Compatible with Windows 95/98"), and one of THESE:

That's right, I got a Wacom. Just the tiny Bamboo one. Because Pandas like bamboo. But also because the next better Wacom was a 200 dollar Intuos... and I needed that extra cash to replace my poor, broken DS. Anyways, I figured a little fanart would be just the thing to see if I could still draw after all this time, and to test out all my new gear, and I had also just picked up MySims finally (20 bucks for PC!), which it turns out is EXCELLENT. It's like if Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon had a baby! You might also notice my Avatar is currently my MySims guy. Wish I had that coat in real life. Anyways, I decided to draw one of the townsfolk from my MySims town, this girl who owns an ice cream shop and dresses like a bee. Comments are welcome and encouraged, but remember: this is like, the first thing I've drawn in like A YEAR, and it's also the first time I've attempted doing Wacom colors, so, y'know. Be nice.
Roxie Road Colors


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